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WordPress vs. Joomla 2020 - Which CMS is better?

WordPress vs. Joomla 2020 - Which CMS is better?

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More and more often people try to understand which among Joomla and Wordpress is the better CMS. I will solve this doubt in today's article and compare WordPress to Joomla in the most important areas, mainly concerning the suitability for search engine optimization and the possibilities of web design.

If you are just about to decide which CMS is the right one for you, the following comparison is exactly right for you.



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Sebastian Prohaska

Inhaber & Geschäftsführer der SEO- & Online-Marketing-Agentur ithelps. Der Online-Marketing-Nerd beschäftigt sich seit 2013 intensiv mit der Suchmaschinenoptimierung von Unternehmens-Websites und Onlineshops. Mittlerweile gibt er sein fundiertes Wissen an namhaften Fachhochschulen wie der FH Wr. Neustadt, dem Joanneum Graz und der FH Campus Wien an seine Studenten weiter.



There are now numerous CMS on the market. CMS means Content Management System and stands for the easy handling of a website without programming knowledge. Our own website the one you are currently on is a Joomla website.


The following CMS are most frequently used:

CMS Statistics 2018

CMSMarket share
Market share
Market share
Project costs
1. Wordpress 38,17% (+) 46,32% (+) 70,28% (-) € 2000
2. Joomla! 12,15% (-) 11,42% (-) 2,73% (-) € 2000
3. Typo3 20,91% (-) 13,23% (-) 0,09% (-)  € 4700
4. Drupal 3,99% (-) 3,19% (-) 3,22% (-)  € 3500
5. Contao 4,23% (+) 3,99% (+) 0,01% (-)  € 2500
6. Frontpage 3,15% (-) 2,14% (-) 2,04% (+)  € 0
7. Web2Date 1,12% (-) 0,88% (-) 0,00% (~)  € 2000
8. 1&1 Websitebuilder 0% (-) 0% (-) 0,15%  € 0
9. Xara HTML Builder 1,55% (+) 1,26% (+) 0,15% (~)  € 0
10. Magento 1,02% (+) 1,31% (+) 0,89% (+) € 7200

WordPress, Joomla or another system - The comparison

The less market share a CMS has, the less I would advise you to use the system. You should choose one of the top 5-10 systems. These are not without reason the market leaders. They are mature, stable and easy to use.
Very often we had to rebuild websites in WordPress or Joomla, because before that a CMS was used, for which we could not find a programmer who could maintain this system. This costs the customer a lot of money and us a lot of nerves.
Here are 5 reasons that speak in favor of the most popular CMS - and therefore for WordPress and Joomla:
  1. more extensions (plugins)
  2. more design templates (Templates/Themes)
  3. more agencies or programmers who are familiar with it
  4. easy handling for the website operator (updates, putting content online, backup, etc.)
  5. better suitability for SEO (search engine optimization)
WordPress and Joomla are open source programs. This has the advantages that they are free of charge and are constantly being developed further in the areas of functionality and security. So you are well advised with WordPress or Joomla.
If you do not want to create your own website, we offer you to create said website for you. We advise you personally whether WordPress or Joomla is better suited for you.

Here you can see a good comparison of both systems in one video:


WordPress vs. Joomla in comparison:




Suitable for beginners*



Number of plugins



Number of designs









Suitable as webshop



Suitable as a blog



*1= very good, 5 = not sufficient


WordPress vs. Joomla for beginners - which system is better suited for beginners?

This question is as difficult to answer as the question of whether Apple or Windows is better.

We have the discussion in our team as well whether Joomla or WordPress is better. For beginners WordPress seems easier and Joomla a little more complex. But if you have spent about 30 minutes with both systems in the administration (backend), you will find out that Joomla is as easy as WordPress and in some areas even easier.
For example, to change a menu entry, you will find the "Menu" area twice in Joomla in the backend. In WordPress this is hidden behind the menu item Design. No problem, if you know it.
Example Joomla:

joomla backend menue


Example WordPress:

wordpress backend menue



In order to run a blog, however, Joomla requires some preparation (Joomla as a blog) With WordPress you can start immediately.

The reason is that Joomla only has "pages" to display its content.

WordPress has "pages" and "posts". Posts are blog articles. Pages are the normal content (e.g.: homepage or other static pages).


My tip: If you want to run your website (also) as a blog, then choose WordPress for the beginning. In all other cases use Joomla.


WordPress vs Joomla - the first steps

The start to your website is very easy with both content management systems. Here is the rough procedure:

  • You need a reliable web host. (for example: all-inkl.com, world4you.com, etc. )
  • You have to install WordPress or Joomla there (with all-inkl.com and world4you this is very easy)
  • Choose a design (template / theme) and install it on your WordPress or Joomla
  • Create your menu items and content in the backend of your website
  • That's it!
Both systems consist of a frontend (displaying the content) and a backend (where you can maintain your content or make settings). The login to the backend is always the following:
  • For Joomla: www.domain.com/administrator
  • For WordPress: www.domain.com/wp-admin

How good are the extensions / plugins for WordPress or Joomla?

WordPress is the clear winner here. WordPress is more widespread worldwide than Joomla. The share on the world market is about 58.8 percent. Therefore, there are more software developers and programmers who create free and paid extensions. WordPress currently has 55,449 plugins and Joomla about 8,500 plugins to choose from.

To program plugins or extensions yourself, both systems are very similar.

What about security? Joomla or WordPress?

Joomla! clearly wins here.

The wide distribution and enormous number of plugins is for WordPress can be in terms of security, more of a curse than a blessing. Because of its widespread use, WordPress is the most popular target for hacker attacks.

Most attacks are successful because of weaknesses in the plugins. Due to the large selection, it is not always guaranteed that the extensions are always kept up-to-date.


Tip: Check before installation if your WordPress plugins are regularly updated by the manufacturer. If this is not the case, I would leave it alone.


You can do this best on the plugin page at wordpress.org. Here as an example the plugin Yoast SEO:

wordpress plugin aktualitaet pruefen


You can increase security on both systems with the following tools:

 To keep both systems as secure as possible, they must be updated regularly (at least once a quarter). This means updating the CMS, the template or theme and the extensions.


We are happy to offer you WordPress or Joomla maintenance. We do all maintenance, updates and backups to keep your website safe and up-to-date. Would you like to know the price? Write us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the keyword "WordPress or Joomla maintenance prices".


Which system has the better designs?

If we look at the number of available templates, WordPress wins. On the platform https://themeforest.net/ alone, there are the following number of templates:
  • For WordPress there are 11.635 different themes available
  • There are 1103 different themes available for Joomla!

The number of free themes on wordpress.org is almost endless. You can filter there as needed and find the right design for almost every requirement.

In the past, Joomla had the reputation of making websites look bad. This is no longer the case. With both systems there are so-called PageBuilder. With which you can build your site very easily optically appealing and functional.

Here a video how such a PageBuilder works (Helix3)


Which system has more advantages in the field of SEO (search engine optimization)?

Since we are an SEO agency ourselves, this aspect is very important to us. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few examples of the disadvantages:

  • Joomla has unsightly URLs (index.php/123-name)
  • WordPress has no possibility to define meta descriptions without a plugin
  • Joomla creates multiple URLs on the same content
  • WordPress generates many URLs for "authors", "tags" etc.

Therefore you have to work with plugins for both CMS. Here are our recommendations:

Conclusion: Both systems are equal when it comes to SEO.


Support & Help for WordPress or Joomla

WordPress is a company that wants to make profits. It makes profits with its own blogging platform WordPress.com. This is free in the basic version. But if you want to publish a little more than just a blog post every now and then, if it is worth your money. You have to pay for extra wishes regarding design or functionality (plugins).

Joomla is a community, which is not geared towards profits.

WordPress.com itself does not offer support in German language.

But for the self-hosted version of the CMS there is the German language support page of wordpress.org

wordpress support


Joomla offers support through the community. For example through the joomla.de support forum.

joomla support forum

There are also Facebook groups for both platforms where you can get support.

WordPress Facebook groups:

wordpress facebook gruppen


Joomla Facebook-groups:

joomla facebook gruppen


Just join the groups and wait for confirmation.


Joomla and WordPress as webshop? Which has more advantages here?

From my point of view WordPress wins here with its solution.


With WordPress there is an extension called WordPress WooCommerce to create webshops. You install this plugin on your WordPress system.


Here a short introduction video:


 Joomla has the plugin Virtue Mart.

To see a demo shop, click on the image.

virtuemart demo shop


This plugin is not so widespread and sometimes requires a lot of customization.

If you are thinking about creating a website which should primarily be a webshop look towards Shopify as a solution. If you want to talk to an agency about which solution is best for you, I recommend the e-commerce consultants of A-Commerce.

WordPress or Joomla as blog system

WordPress was originally a system for blogs. Joomla for websites. You can still feel this origin today. WordPress is ideal if you want to start a blog quickly. This is not so easy with Joomla. In this case WordPress convinces with its system.
Here you will find instructions on how to make a blog system out of Joomla.

WordPress or Joomla Conclusion

If you run a business and have others create your website, it doesn't matter wheterit is with WordPress or Joomla developed. Both systems are easy to learn in main and operate.

If you want to build your website yourself, you have to decide. Just watch a few YouTube videos about it. Then simply decide which system suits you best. Where do you have the better feeling?

As you have noticed, there is no way to say which CMS is the better one. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you're unsure, write us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a comment here.


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