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JCE - The ultimate editor for Joomla!

JCE - The ultimate editor for Joomla!

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The editor TinyMCE is the default tool to edit content in the CMS Joomla! This is OK for simple editing of texts - but the editing of content and images could be more streamlined. The editor JCE offers many functions and possibi


What makes the Joomla Content Editor (JCE) so special?

A variety of features make this editor our favorite. The possibility to customize the editor for each user individually, the feature-rich image manager, the JCE-Media Box for easy zoom effects, the simple file manager, media manager for videos, and much more.


The most important functions

jce bildermanagerThe Image Manager

The management of images in posts is very easy with the JCE - However, this does not prevent it from offering many possibilities

With the image manager, which opens with a click on the image icon, all images on the server can be managed comfortably (move, rename, delete, etc.). Inserting images is easy and also leaves many setting options such as alignment or distances around the image.

link managerThe link manager

The biggest advantage of the link manager of the JCE is by far the simple "internal" linking. If you want to link to a menu item or content of your own website, you can easily do this using the link manager by selecting the tab ''Links''. Simply select and insert the desired content or menu item. For many extensions there are JCE Addons for linking here. For example, you can install an addon for VirtueMart and thus link to individual products more easily.


jce mediaboxJCE Media Box

This plugin from JCE allows you to add a zoom effect to images. If the plugin is active, the popup function can be used via the link manager. You can define exactly what should happen when you pass on the link (the link can also be set on an image). For example, a larger version of the image can be opened in a lightbox. Or you can open an iFrame in a lightbox. And many more possibilities are open to you with this plugin.

The plugin can be downloaded here: https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/downloads/mediabox/


German translation

Of course there is also a German language file for this editor: https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/downloads/languages
Simply select the language and then download the language file. This can then be installed as a plugin in the JCE (Components -> JCE Editor -> Install Plugins). After the installation the editor will be in German.



jce profileEditor Profiles

Various profiles can be created in the editor (Components -> JCE Editor -> Profiles). These profiles can be then be assigned to different users. 
Different settings for the editor can be made in each profile. For example, you can define which profile has acces to which editor buttons available.

Many more functions

Of course the editor offers many more great features. Which ones you can find those features here: https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/

JCE - the free editor for Joomla!

You can download the editor for Joomla! 3+ here: https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/downloads 


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