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Ubersuggest - What experts say about the SEO tool

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What can Ubersuggest do for keyword research and website analysis? Our SEO experts have tested the free* tool. ▻ Here are the findings!


* Update: Ubersuggest is now chargeable with a 7-day trial period, but can still be used for free. The scope of the analysis and research results is limited to the free version (e.g. only 100 keywords with the associated data are displayed).

If you're interested, here is Ubersuggest's pricing model.

Now let's take a look at the tool and its features.


What can Ubersuggest do for keyword research and website analysis? Our SEO experts have tested the free tool

cms systemeUbersuggest - The free SEO tool in the expert test


When you work in SEO, you inevitably deal with a number of SEO tools. Be it in the area of keyword research, a backlink analysis or simply to identify improvement potential around a website or a webshop. Without an appropriate tool, any research or analysis would be tedious or even impossible.

There is a variety of tools on the market. Some are only for a specific area (for example, the Google tool Pagespeed Insights for the Pagespeed analysis), others offer comprehensive support for the research work. Most of them are subject to a fee. Of course there are also one or two free versions. However, these are often associated with restrictions and are not suitable for in-depth research and analysis.

An SEO tool that has been making a name for itself in the last few months, since it has been enhanced with numerous tools to become a true professional tool is Ubersuggest.


Ubersuggest - comprehensive and free of charge

Neil Patel offers with "Ubersuggest" a free SEO tool, which - surprisingly - covers pretty much every area of SEO analysis and research, and offers a real support for professional SEO work.

In this article we will now take a closer look at the actual functions that the tool supports. Our SEO experts have taken a closer look at the different areas and have examined them in detail. 

In particular, we answer the following questions:

  • What functions does Ubersuggest have?
  • Which analyses can be performed with the tool?
  • How can Ubersuggest support you in your SEO work?
  • Where are there possibly still deficiencies and which functions are not available?

But before we do that, we will do a little review and look at the history of the tool.


cms systemeWhat is Ubersuggest?


Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool to analyze and research relevant areas of search engine optimization. It is provided in its current version by Neil Patel, an internationally known SEO specialist.

It offers an amazingly extensive collection of tools. Some of them are:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Backlink-Analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Content-Ideas
  • etc...


Ubersuggest - How the popular SEO strategy tool was created

The tool, which was originally developed by Alessandro Martin in 2013, was at that time a pure extension of Google Suggest. To explain: Further suggestions, so-called "Suggests", are generated for the terms that Google users enter in the search. These suggestions were (and still are) taken from Ubersuggest. 

g.oogle suggest


In 2018 the tool was taken over and completely redesigned by Neil Patel, an SEO and online marketing guru best known for his SEO-Blog. Ubersuggest 2.0 followed.

From this point on the success story of Ubersuggest began.

Meanwhile with the version Ubersuggest 6.0 you can not only do a detailed keyword research with the tool, but also analyze backlinks and especially your competition. In addition you get relevant information about the domain score, the number of existing backlinks, the page speed and technical errors.


cms systemeUbersuggest - The functions


In the following we will now take a closer look at all the functions of the tool in detail. It is worth mentioning that the Ubersuggest interface is very user friendly. On the left side we see a dashboard and an overview of all functions.

  • Ubersuggest – Dashboard
  • Ubersuggest – Overview
  • Ubersuggest – Keyword-Ideas
  • Ubersuggest – Content-Ideas
  • Traffic Analyzer – Overview
  • Traffic Analyzer – Top-Pages
  • Traffic Analyzer – Keywords
  • SEO-Analyse – Page-Audit
  • SEO-Analyse – Backlinks


ubersuggest funktionen


To take full advantage of the features and get the most out of the tool, you should login with your Google Account. 


ubersuggest kostenlos anmelden


Ubersuggest – Dashboard

With Release 6.0, the Dashboard area has been added. In this area, you have the option of creating a total of 5 projects. This function is particularly useful for assigning keywords to a project and observing their development in terms of rankings using the tool.

Per domain 25 keywords can be stored. For smaller projects, for which no more than 25 focus keywords are defined, this query option is quite sufficient. Since Ubersuggest is a free tool, 25 keywords are also a good average.


ubersuggest dashboard

image-source: neilpatel.com


For larger projects, 25 keywords per domain seem a bit meager. In this case you should consider switching to a paid tool like XOVI.

Granted - once you have created a project, which is quite easy, you can see how the tool works. Partly with a flickering background. Also the embedding of the ReCAPTCHA at this point is a bit disturbing. But if you have a preference for picture puzzles, this is quite a nice change in the everyday work. The request to log in at Google, although you are actually already logged in, would not be necessary either.

A little tip: If you refresh the page in your browser, the almost endless waiting and querying loop is ended and you get to the project overview of your entered domain.

The dashboard function is relatively new and thus loading errors still occur. However, since Ubersuggest is constantly working on improving performance, we are convinced that the tool will soon be able to get a grip on these start-up problems in the dashboard area.


Ubersuggest – Keyword-Ideas

In this area relevant keyword alternatives are offered. Eversince Ubersuggest 5.0 the database provides results for more than one billion different keywords, which are sorted by SEO-Difficulty. The SEO-Difficulty indicates the difficulty to achieve a ranking with one keyword.

Furthermore the monthly search volume is indicated. This is also known from the keyword planner of Google AdWords. With the help of the search volume and the SEO Difficulty you can estimate whether the effort for an optimization is worthwhile.

If an optimization is not worthwhile, alternative keywords can be found with keyword ideas, which are more promising for a good position in the search engines.


Ubersuggest – Overview (Keyword-Research)


In the category "Ubersuggest" you have the possibility for keyword research. The section is divided into three sub-sections:

  • Keyword Research Overview
  • Keyword-Ideas
  • Content-Ideas


Menu Ubersuggest - Keyword research by entering the keyword

The simple method for keyword research is to query by entering a term. Ubersuggest analyses the average keyword search volume per month, the SEO Difficulty, the Paid Difficulty, the Cost per Click (CPC) and the trend of the keyword over one year.


ubersuggest keywordrecherche


  • The search volume shows how often a search term (keyword) is searched in Google.
  • The SEO Difficulty shows how difficult it is to achieve a ranking in organic search.
  • The Paid Difficulty indicates how easy or difficult it is on a scale of 1 to 100 to place a Google ad in a highly visible position.
  • Another indicator of whether it pays to set up an ad campaign around a keyword is the cost per click (CPC). The higher this is, the more competitive the keyword is. Here it is up to you to estimate whether the effort and the costs are worthwhile in comparison to the advertised service or the offered product.


Keyword research - Clear Evaluation

In general, the evaluation is very clearly arranged. An especially nice feature is that besides the value of the SEO or paid-difficulty you can also see from the attached window whether the goal is easy or difficult to achieve. In our example (see picture below), for example, it would be easy to position the keyword in the front ad rankings with a good Google Ads campaign.


ubersuggest uebersicht

Also interesting is the specification of the required backlinks and the domain score.


Keyword research - Overview of the development of the Keyword

Ubersuggest also succeeded in presenting a clear overview of the development of search queries over the last 12 months. For this we give it a plus point. Many paid tools have not implemented such good graphics.


ubersuggest keyword trend


Ubersuggest – Keyword-Ideas

Further down in the overview or in the second section you will find a list of similar terms, the keyword ideas. If it turns out that the keyword you actually chose does not have a high search volume or it would be too difficult to place a content optimized for this keyword in the top rankings, numerous other terms will be suggested to you here, which you can use as "substitute" keywords.

Again, it has to be said that Ubersuggest, as a free tool, offers a very wide range of other keyword suggestions. In some blog posts concerning Ubersuggest, it has been criticized that the suggestions regarding long-tail keywords are not satisfactory.

I cannot agree with this. Take a look at the following example.

  • 261 Keyword-Ideas (Suggestions)
  • 435 similar (relevant) terms
  • 25 relevant questions
  • 23 suggestions
  • 4 Comparisons

That should be enough. With a little creativity and a comprehensive brainstorming on the topic, you can also find the right focus (long-tail) keyword.


ubersuggest keyword ideen


In addition to suggestions for terms, the top pages for the respective keyword including backlinks are displayed on the right-hand side. A good opportunity to go directly from the tool into the in-depth content research for SEO text creation.


ubersuggest keyword ideen 2


Ubersuggest – Content-Ideas

The "Overview/Overview" section also contains the tab on the topic of content ideas. A really cool feature that helps you after the keyword research to find ideas about the content format or content in general that interest the users.

Although we research the content that corresponds to the search intention of Google users in advance in the search engine by analysing the TOP 10, the one or other additional idea can never hurt.

And this is how it works:

  1. Enter your focus keyword in the search mask and click on "content ideas" on the left.
  2. You will then be shown a result. On the left you will see a list of content related to your keyword and on the right how often this content has been shared on Facebook and Pinterest. The frequency with which the content was shared is an indicator of how interesting it is for the users.


ubersuggest content ideen


Traffic Analyzer menu - Keyword research by entering a domain

Also very clearly arranged is the evaluation regarding the keyword search by entering a domain. What is particularly positive about Ubersuggest is the graphic representation of the analysis results.

However, this is a problem that affects all tools - the figures are only meaningful to a very limited extent.

Let's look at the domain of a competitor as an example:

Concerning the organic keywords, the following information is available in the 3 tools Ubersuggest, Xovi and ahrefs:

  • Ubersuggest states that the website is ranked with 824 keywords in google.at (Austria).
  • According to the evaluation in XOVI (tool with costs) there are 642 keywords which have rankings,
  • and according to ahrefs it's only 250.

Which numbers are correct now? Hmmm...

Basically, it can be said that the numbers of the different tools never match and there are always differences. None of the tools, not even the paid ones, provides 100% accurate data.


Traffic Analyzer - Keywords section

It is also possible to start a keyword search by entering the domain. The practical thing about this is that when you search via the domain, the current ranking positions of your keywords are immediately displayed in the Keywords section of the Traffic Analyzer menu item.


ubersuggest traffic analyzer


This evaluation is gold value and a real support in the SEO work. Ubersuggest can be compared in this area with the tool from Mangools, the SERP Watcher (fee required).

Especially with a keyword mapping it is good to be able to assign the current ranking positions to your individual keywords. Before you start to find new keywords, you should analyze the existing keywords and their search volume. If a suitable keyword is already ranked, it is of course easier to adapt the already existing content.

What is missing in the keyword overview are the respective URLs for the ranking keyword. However, if you export the file as CSV, you will get a clear evaluation including keyword, search volume, ranking position and corresponding URL.

Ubersuggest even goes one step further and displays the "Estimated Visits". Unfortunately, the tool does not provide any information on which data these values are based. I assume that these are estimated values and would therefore only use them to a limited extent.


ubersuggest traffic analyzer csv


Ubersuggest - Menu SEO Analysis

SEO work is always divided into OnPage and OffPage optimization. The technical part as well as the improvement of content fall into the first area. For example, building backlinks is part of the OffPage optimization.

Let's stay with the OnPage optimization in the first step. Here it is essential that at the beginning of the SEO work, the technical area of a website or online shop is optimized if necessary. Only if the technical basis is right do SEO contents have a chance of achieving good rankings. Of course, there are many factors that are decisive for good positions in search engines. But to put it simply, this would be the step-by-step guide to OnPage optimization.

Ubersuggest provides with the Site Audit a good information basis for the technical actual state of a website or an online shop. However, it is not obvious where the tool gets the information from. Since you have to allow the link to the Google Search Console when entering the project, I assume that the data is obtained from this source.


ubersuggest site audit


In any case, it is exciting to compare the evaluation results of Ubersuggest with other tools, such as GTmetrix (free of charge).



ubersuggest site audit



ubersuggest site audit vergleich2


A comparison of the evaluations of both tools shows that the numbers are about the same. In general, it is advisable to always use several tools for detailed evaluations. In this way, it is possible to filter out the greatest possible optimization potential and use it for technical optimization.

Furthermore, Ubersuggest shows in the page audit section existing problems of the website or online shop in the SEO section. For a counter-check you can always check the Google Search Console for errors in the technical area. This way you can be sure that you don't miss any relevant errors.


ubersuggest site audit seo fehler


In general, there is a big plus from us for the area of page audit. I know of no other free SEO tool that supports SEO work in this area so well.


Ubersuggest - Backlinks: The be-all end-all for OffPage optimization

The last section of the SEO tool deals with backlinks. Since the construction of backlinks is very complex, this measure is usually taken as the last step in an SEO optimization.


ubersuggest backlinks


Based on a backlink analysis of competing websites, relevant backlinks for your own domain can be derived.

Ubersuggest provides a sublime overview of which backlinks are available for each domain you enter. However, it is still questionable from where the number of backlinks is obtained. Because, as already stated before, the number of evaluations of other tools differs.

Nevertheless, the function - especially considering that the tool is free of charge - is great and supports one enormously in backlink competition analysis. A big plus point from us at this stage of the review.


Ubersuggest - General functions

For all functions of the tool it is possible to export the evaluation information as CSV file. We use this function in particular to filter out relevant data and prepare it optimally for more in-depth research work and for our customers. In addition, the export file usually contains even more detailed information than the display on the screen.

In short: A great feature that makes the work of any SEO incredibly easy.


cms systemeUbersuggest - Conclusion


We are thrilled with the features of the free SEO tool from Neil Patel. Let's be surprised which functions and features the online and marketing guru will implement in the tool in the coming months and years. It is already very extensive, but those who know Neil Patel know that he always has another ace up his sleeve to add value to his community. The potential of Ubersuggest to become a full-fledged SEO tool is huge. For a free tool, it is incredibly well equipped and we are looking forward to further innovations that will support the work in our SEO agency just as much easier as the often very expensive paid tools.

Ubersuggest is our recommendation for all those who do not want to or cannot afford any of the paid SEO tools. But also for those who want to do a quick research or analysis of keywords, backlinks or websites, and have everything combined in one powerful tool.

Have you had any experience with Ubersuggest and if so, what kind of experience? Do you have any tips that you would like to share with our readers? Write it down in the comments. We are happy about every contribution.



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