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We are more than just a team at our online marketing agency. We are a family. Our co-working habits obtain a positive focus. Starting from our specialists in SEO up until to our accounting department. A team that meets itself on eye level, trusts itself and that makes impossible possible.

Our values at ithelps: #appreciation #friendliness #focus #structure #commitment

Sebastian Prohaska
Sebastian ProhaskaFounder[email protected]

I love to make our customers successful. That’s why I love my job. I am currently reading (at least) one book per week, I love to go to the gym as well as going for a walk with my 4 dogs.

Florian Prohaska
Florian ProhaskaFounder[email protected]

Persistence is a characteristic that has always been a part of me. In particular, search engine optimization on a professional basis, as well as endurance sport and continuous education in my private life.

Magdalena Dobreva
Magdalena DobrevaHead of Webdesign[email protected]

I get very excited when one of the websites programmed by me goes online. I lean toward perfection and learn something new every day.

Siegfried Ferlin
Siegfried FerlinHead of Content[email protected]

I was born and raised in Graz (bad tongues say, you can still hear that) and have travelled half the world as a singer and actor. Meanwhile I approach it more calmly. My daughters Betty and Julia, my dog Minnie, my hobby "Bonsai" and a good book are enough for me to be happy.

Tobias Volc
Tobias VolcAccounting[email protected]

I am an honest person who does his job very conscientiously. Also, I am very helpful and support my colleagues wherever I can. I use my free time to explore places that are unknown to me or hidden during my “photo walks”, to read, to listen to music or to give my thoughts free rein.

Nicole Koppensteiner
Nicole KoppensteinerHead of Google Ads[email protected]

I am social, ambitious, an animal lover and stand by my word. As an expert, professional and private further education is important to me to be able to respond individually to customer needs. In my spare time, you can find me on the golf course, in a good restaurant or on the next plane heading South.

Cenk Ertenü
Cenk ErtenüHead of Webshops[email protected]

I am used to working hard, I always set high goals and believe that I can achieve them through my abilities. I am happy to face the tasks and try promptly to do this positively. Only the best results are my goal!

Joachim Lackner
Joachim LacknerHead of Team Tirol[email protected]

I am a very understanding, patient and ambitious person. The topic of further education and continuous learning is very important to me. In addition to the professional challenges, I mainly take care of my family of six with full energy. If there is still time, I use this time for sports, reading and personal training.

Elisabeth Malikov
Elisabeth MalikovWebdesign[email protected]

I am curious and always eager to learn something new, preferably from my fellow people. I am a passionate coffee lover which fuels my creativity.

Lisa Beer
Lisa BeerSEO, office administration[email protected]

I am a quiet and curious person who likes to deal with the new and unknown. In my free time I like to draw, read books, sit at the PC during a round of Anno, listen to music or even pick up the guitar myself.“

Matthias Hochstöger
Matthias HochstögerExpert in SEA[email protected]

Determination and perseverance are two qualities I fully identify with. Both professionally and in private I am always looking for new challenges and knowledge to acquire. I spend my free time mainly reading, exercising or with friends.

Margit Bogataj
Margit BogatajCopywriter[email protected]

I have had a certain soft spot for literature since I was a little girl. I see myself as a curious, level-headed and communicative person. When writing my texts, I attach great importance to a clear, appealing structure and detailed knowledge. I devote most of my private time to my family, my garden and my cats.

Katharina Stolzer
Katharina StolzerFrontend Development[email protected]

Creativity and technical thinking are two opposites that make up my great strengths. I like to bring dynamics into a website because I enjoy animation and technical design. When I am not at code I like to swing the brush. This creates abstract, figurative and provocative images.

Jacqueline Senn
Jacqueline SennSEO-Apprentice[email protected]

I am an open-minded, creative, animal-loving person and love to sing loud and wrong, but above all with enthusiasm. I spend my free time reading, photographing and drawing. An especially important part of my life is my 6 year old cocker spaniel "Lia".

Raphaela Lackner
Raphaela LacknerFirst Level Support[email protected]

I am an organised and ambitious person. I give 120 percent for the satisfaction of the customers and therefore I always try to educate myself further. Privately I love to spend time with my family and friends. It never gets boring with me at game nights.

Medina Mesic
Medina MesicExpert in SEO[email protected]

I am a creative mind with a great love for detail. I also love meeting new people and also to improve myself by working with them. In my private life I like to be out and about with my family and friends or pursue my passion, drawing and make-up.

Maja Gerharter
Maja GerharterMaternity leave[email protected]

In online marketing, I want to capture the "big digital whole", the customer journey, in a way that is profitable for the customer: strategy, conception and project management, combined with multi-channel thinking - in other words, from SEO, social media to content marketing. Further education is important to me, in the form of courses, reading or podcasts. In my spare time, my husband and our dog go hiking or to the waterfront.

Markus Kathrein
Markus KathreinBackend-Webdevelopment[email protected]

I am an inquisitive and abstract thinking person. My initial hobby became my profession. This means that I also live apart from my job for development, which has helped me to develop a certain affinity to technology and programming. I spend my free time with music, sports and hours of fiddling around with my own projects.

Marcus Holzer
Marcus HolzerCopywriter[email protected]

I am an ambitious, creative and inquisitive person. Writing is one of my greatest passions, as is entertaining people acoustically. In my free time, I like to go to concerts, travelling and reading. Another passion: spending hours in bookshops.

Samara Strasil
Samara StrasilExpert in SEO[email protected]

Born and raised in Austria, and with Czech-Tunisian roots in tow, I live in Vienna with my two cats who have to put up with my singing. In my free time I like to meet boyfriend, family (incl. pets) and friends. Together we sing, dance, gamble and chat as if there is no tomorrow.

Josef Korntheuer
Josef KorntheuerExpert in SEO[email protected]

I am an honest person who always speaks his mind. What is important to me: work-life balance and being able to laugh with others. In my private life, I try to be an authentic father for my two children. I am courageous, I trust my gut feeling and always opt for trust - never for fear.

Maximilian Bair
Maximilian BairPartner Manager[email protected]

Nadja Fuchs
Nadja FuchsExpert in SEA[email protected]

Working is half of life... I use the remaining half to read gripping thrillers, to travel and discover other countries and exciting cities, to cook and bake, to take photos and to take walks through our beautiful capital.

David Lemmerer
David LemmererCutter[email protected]

Daniel Merino
Daniel MerinoWebdevelopment[email protected]

I am a hard working person and a team player who loves to learn new things. Continuous learning allows me to grow as a professional in my field of work, but also as a human being. As a private person I enjoy spending my free time with my family (including my pet rabbit!), playing video games, or watching soccer.

Christian Schmidl
Christian SchmidlExpert in SEO[email protected]

Thuy Do
Thuy DoExpert in SEO[email protected]

I am a born Vietnamese and have taken advantage of my study stay in France to grow mentally. My life is full of curiosity, my values are non-judgmental and I never miss out on subtle humour. In my free time, I indulge in beauty: music, painting, literature, miniatures ...

Philipp Lettner
Philipp LettnerExpert in SEO[email protected]

Nothing that is worth having falls into your lap. That's why it's important for me to constantly improve myself and be ambitious. I always have an open ear for colleagues or friends. I like to spend my free time hiking or kayaking with my dogs.

Clara Saler
Clara SalerSEO apprentice[email protected]

I love the creative realisation of my own ideas and the realisation of other peoples ideas on paper. All the more reason for me to be happy that I can turn my hobby into a profession, because even in my free time I can relax best while painting/drawing with a wide variety of materials and techniques. I also enjoy being in nature and am passionate about photography.

MinnieOffice dog, Head of fun

Hello, I'm Minnie. Every Monday I come to the office with my owner, receive my cuddles and make sure everybody is in a good mood - and because everyone in the team is so nice to me, I always like to come back.

Ithelps is known from

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Our main focus

We are the primary contact for our customers when it comes to visibility on the internet.

Technical SEO90%
Texts / Blogging100%
Link building80%
Web design / web development95%

Our history

Ithelps was founded in 2011 by Sebastian Prohaska as an IT firm. After a few years of doing well, the possibility of hiring employees opened up. The number of new clients was increasing as well.

How did we get to Search Engine Optimization?

After a few mishaps, such as flyers telemarketing and many more, Sebastian stumbled in 2014 upon the subjects of blogging and search engine optimization. After some learning, the visibility of ithelps grew. Therefore, we decided to offer search engine optimization and web development, using Joomla and Wordpress, to our customers. Since 2016 we manage our customers on social media marketing (such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat,…)

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Saying goodbye to IT services

Get to know the team of ithelps and receive an initial analysis of your website for free. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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