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  • 10+ Years of experience

  • 600+ Successful projects

  • 300+ ★★★★★ Reviews

  • 20+ Experts, active across Europe

  • 2400+ Followers on Youtube

go-to proactive
SEO agency

Based in Vienna, operating across Austria

Looking for a Vienna-based SEO  partner? Attract more visitors to your website and webshop with expert SEO support and turn them into paying customers. You can benefit from 10+ years of experience in SEO marketing and the 600+ projects we have successfully completed.

Valued by established companies as a go-to
SEO partner

Our services as an
online marketing agency

We optimise your website's performance
and connect you with potential customers.

Ein Laptopbildschirm mit Google Ads Konto

SEA / Google Ads

– starting from €1,000 per month

Begin driving sales immediately – we will strategise your Google ad campaign, monitor its progress, analyse the results and refine until your ROI consistently shines.

SEO support

– from €1.400 per month

Build long-term visibility — our SEO experts develop a tailored SEO strategy. While our technicians fine-tune your website, our content team creates SEO-focused content to secure your position at the top of Google rankings.

Web design &
Webshop development

– from € 5.900

The cornerstone of your success online — we create websites and online shops that meet your criteria perfectly. Google and your visitors are bound to adore you.

Get to know us

With over 300+ ★★★★★ reviews, the most recommended online marketing and SEO agency in the German-speaking world

As an SEO agency, we're committed to fine-tuning your website to the latest SEO standards, ensuring it is quickly and consistently found on search engines. Our goal is to secure top rankings for each of your pages.

Video from our Youtube channel:
How we work as an SEO agency for our clients

The secret to our success: OUR TEAM

Our SEO, content, SEA, web design and webshop teams work seamlessly together, tackling even the toughest challenges. We strategise at every step, ensuring you time your services correctly to maximise your budget and results. Our success is all thanks to years of teamwork in perfect harmony.

As an SEO agency, we understand that

RIGHT NOW, your customers are actively searching for your products and services.

Florian Prohaska

Founder, customer savvy

Siegfried Ferlin

Head of Content, Word Acrobat

Sebastian Prohaska

Founder, CEO, SEO-NERD

Nicole Koppensteiner

Head of SEA, Google Ads Queen

Joachim Lackner

Head of Webdevelopment, WordPress- & Joomla-Guru
Portraitfoto von Cenk Ertenü Portraitfoto von Cenk Ertenü

Cenk Ertenü

E-Commerce master strategist

The SEO measures that we carry out for you

SEO marketing

for a continuous flow of website visitors

SEO marketing isn't just about getting clicks — it's about maintaining a steady stream of visitors to your site. Split into search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA),  this strategy allows us to maximise both channels, consistently bringing visitors to your online platforms.

Search engine optimisation

for free, organic Google traffic

Google and other search engines, as well as your users, must consider your website relevant. That's why we thoroughly analyse all SEO aspects of your site and those of your competitors.

From this detailed analysis and extensive keyword research, we identify the most promising search terms (keywords) and devise an effective SEO strategy, incorporating targeted content creation. This process ensures the best possible outcome — maximum visibility for your company.

Local SEO

to ensure visibility for regional search queries

Provide services in a specific area or have a physical store? Through targeted local SEO strategies, we'll ensure your website appears for potential customers on Google Maps and other local platforms (e.g., krawutzi.at).

Google Ads

Search engine advertising, alongside search engine optimisation , is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. It allows you to appear on search engines and various topic-relevant websites and portals with your services in a very short time.

With the right blend of SEO and SEA, we guarantee a consistent flow of visitors to your website. Our experience shows that achieving a positive ROI happens quickly.

Content Marketing

to strengthen brand awareness

Content marketing is vital for SEO and online marketing. It involves creating and sharing content and texts to enhance brand visibility and build trust. A well-planned SEO content strategy is crucial for effectively promoting your online presence. 

Our copywriters, who specialise in crafting search engine-friendly texts, produce the content you need based on thorough keyword research. Meanwhile, our marketing experts handle the appropriate advertising strategies.

Creating Websites

to showcase your offerings with impact

Your website is the hub for all online marketing campaigns, where you present your services to potential customers. Alongside engaging content, providing a seamless user experience is key to turning website visitors into new customers.

It's important to consider essential criteria to meet these needs. We can help boost your website's or online shop's performance through a targeted website analysis. Just reach out to us!

Our collaboration:
Straightforward. Cooperative.


In an informal initial meeting,
we discuss your current situation
and outline initial solutions.


We then plan the measures that will benefit your company most and provide you with a proposal.


Our experts dig deep into the SEO toolkit, fine-tuning your website's technical and content features relevant to SEO.

Happy Clients

Florian Prohaska im Business Outfit

Picture: Your contact person:
Florian Prohaska - Co-Founder


What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation. It's a long-term online marketing strategy to enhance the visibility and rankings of websites and webshops in the organic search results of Google and other global search engines. Learn more about SEO.

How much does your work as an SEO agency cost?

After analysing certain factors, we can see what SEO measures (On-Page optimisation, Off-Page optimisation, website technology optimisation) are needed. The level of effort and investment depends on the services you choose. Typically, it's a good idea to start investing in search engine optimisation from €1000 per month. The project should run for at least one year. By then, your website should be ranking well in search engine results, which will positively impact your sales.

Which industry-standard SEO tools do you use?

At ithelps, we use the SEO tools Ahrefs, keyword finder, Screaming Frog, Sistrix and, of course, the Google Search Console in our SEO work.

How quickly will I notice the effects of SEO?

A successful SEO strategy requires time, patience and continuous commitment. It may take several months before you can see initial visible results. The effects of optimisation measures are typically noticeable on older websites after a few weeks, with the full potential of SEO becoming visible after approximately six to twelve months.

How involved am I as a customer in SEO support?

The client's involvement is crucial for the success of SEO management. A strong collaboration between the client and the SEO agency is essential, as the client often has important information and insights about their industry and target audience, which are crucial for SEO optimisation.

Which key performance indicators (KPIs) do you use to measure success?

Our SEO team at ithelps operates on quarterly goals relating to SEO management. We prioritise implementing measures that benefit the client most and focus each quarter on optimising specific sets of keywords.

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Alternatively, a brief email is enough, and we can schedule a first informal meeting immediately. The meeting can take place in our office at 1040 Vienna, Wiedner Gürtel, 12/1/2, or we can arrange a virtual video call. During this discussion, we'll explore how our services as an online marketing agency can contribute to your success.